Life isn't fair ,but it's still good.

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh... 哦 哦 哦,哦 哦 哦…. 

Oh oh oh... 哦 哦 哦….  

She's starin' at me, 她那样看着我

I'm sittin', wonderin' what she's thinkin'.我坐在那里  思考她在想什么 Mmmmm 嗯… 

Nobody's talkin',  沉默不语 '

Cause talkin' just turns into screamin'. 因为一说话就会引来大声争吵

Ohhh... 哦….

And now is I'm yellin' over her,  而现在  我冲她歇斯底里 

She's yellin' over me.  她同样大声争执 

All that that means      Is neither of us is listening, 此刻咱俩谁也不听谁的  (And what's even worse).  等等 更坏的是  

That we don't even remember why were fighting.  我们竟然都不知道引起战争的原因  

So both of us are mad for...  什么是  我们发火的原因? 

Nothin'  没有理由 (Fighting for).   只是战争 

Nothin'  没有借口 (Crying for).  就是哭泣

Nothin'  没有为什么 (Whoahhh). 哦哦哦…

But we won't let it go for 但我们没有让此好转

Nothin'  没有理由 (No not for)  没有任何借口  

Nothin'. 没有为什么 

This should be nothin' to a love like what we got. 嗯 这应该不会对我们满满的爱影响什么 

Ohhh, baby... 哦 宝贝….  

I know sometimes  有时我知道 

It's gonna rain... 雨天即将来临  

But baby, can we make up now  但 亲爱的  我们能消除隔阂么?  

'Cause I can't sleep through the pain  因为没有你在身边  心痛让我彻夜难眠 (Cant sleep through the pain).  疼痛面前我无法安睡  

Girl, I don't wanna go to bed  女孩 ,我睡不着 (Mad at you),  我真的很气愤  

And I don't want you to go to bed   我也不想让你休息 (Mad at me).  你的气愤同我 

No, I don't wanna go to bed  真的睡不着 (Mad at you), 如此恼火  

And I don't want you to go to bed 我也不想让你休息  (Mad at me)   你也如此气愤  

Ohhh no no no... 哦 不不不….   

And it gets me upset, girl  女孩, 你使我恼火  

When you're constantly accusing. 当你误会我时  (Askin' questions like you've already known). 问那些问题 其实答案你都心知肚明  

We're fighting this war, baby  我们便开始了战争  

When both of us are losing.  可我们却都是战败者 (This ain't the way that love is supposed to go).  这也不是我们的爱应有的样子   

Whoaaaaaaaaa... 啊…. [What happened to workin' it out].  我相信 我们会共同解决问题  

We've falled into this place 我们倔强到这个地步 

Where you ain't backin' down  你却一点也不低头 

And I ain't backin' down. 我也只好这么僵持下去  

So what the hell do we do now... 我们到底在干什么?  

It's all for... 究竟是为什么  

Oh baby this love ain't gonna be perfect, 哦 亲爱的 没有哪段爱情是完美的 (Perfect, perfect, oh oh). 完美 完美 哦哦哦…. 

And just how good it's gonna be. 而有如此棒的爱情 

We can't fuss and we can't fight  我们就不会为小事烦恼 争吵 

Long as everything alright between us 如果每件事情在我们入睡之前 Before we go to sleep. 都能变得对味 

Baby, we're gonna be happy. 宝贝 我们就会幸


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